About Us

Welcome to Calm Islam

Fresh and talented, we are a small group of individuals trained in our particular genres. With years of experience in Sound Designing and Writing Content for the Mainstream and Digital media, we perceive ideas' very differently. Working for a Strict clientele, we have acquired to put the client's vision in the front in a very professional way, where the client's perspective takes shape without any inappropriate or unprofessional looking final results. Although, We are the clients of ourselves in this case of Calm Islam' we reimagined the audiences as our main clients and created Calm Islam, trying to keep the Islamic standards intact. Calm Islam is the brainchild' of Mr.Zeeshan, who started a YouTube channel called Relaxing Music For Spiritual Healing & Meditation in May 2019, targeting a specific niche and genre. Initially' he ran the Channel on his own, and now after an Amazing response, he has hired MultiTalented people to help him spread and grow' and produce more relevant content for his Channel and his application' Calm Islam. We are young' we are new, but we are determined and enthusiastic about what we have chosen to do because we found peace in it in our times of worry and anxieties, and we want to share it with you' so that it may help you to find Peace and Tranquility in Your life too.